Training Men to Recover Their One, True Identity in Christ. Arm Men with the Tools and Training They Need to Walk With God and Join His Battle.

To come alongside men and leaders to engage, equip, and empower them to discover the truth of their one, true identity in Christ

Man to Man - Men's Bible Study

Man to Man – Study of Biblical Masculinity.

Saturday 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. – Men’s 6 Week Study

Week 1 – January 6th     Breakfast provided.

Week 2 – January 27th  Bring Your Own Breakfast (BYOB) Coffee Provided

Week 3 – February 3rd  BYOB- coffee provided.

Week 4 – February 17th  BYOB- coffee provided.

Week 5 – March 2nd    BYOB- coffee provided.

Week 6 – March 16th   BYOB- coffee provided.

Link HERE to used books “Man to Man” (book not required but encouraged) 

Questions: contact Pastor Bobby at